Val Falla is an experienced painter and illustrator, having trained at the Royal College of Art in London. Her pictures portray a colourful world in which reality and magical fantasy are beautifully and skilfully blended. The scenes are often based on half-recollected memories of childhood, with undercurrents of humour and satire. In all the original pictures, Val uses a mixture of collage, paint and ink, to create a wonderful detailed texture that translates perfectly into puzzles.


The Night Café

Val says: “One day in Bexhill, I spotted some interesting oriental-looking buildings on the seafront, which sparked my imagination for a night café scene.”

Through The Golden Trellis

Val says: “I drew inspiration for this picture from a poem by Edith Sitwell Through Gilded Trellises. I imagined Edith herself, reclining in the foreground, lost in a book.”


Val says: “A photo I took in Spain of a small kiosk selling hot drinks inspired this painting, which I then embellished with exotic fruits, and revellers enjoying the nightlife.”

Willow Pattern Tea Room

Val says: “I have a set of Willow Pattern plates which I inherited from my mother. As a young girl, I always loved looking at them and imagined a scene in which bridges and streams led to a garden where people are enjoying afternoon tea.”

Pirate Ship

Val says: “A day out at Hastings Pirate Festival inspired this picture. A model pirate ship on the pier was surrounded by hordes of people in pirate costume. Such fun!”

Pierrot On The Pier

Val says: “Childhood memories of seaside holidays inspired this picture. On the pier young men would sometimes appear dressed as Pierrots with white faces and costumes. I found them quite scary!”

Dancing In The Spotlight

Val says: “This painting was inspired by the TV show Strictly Come Dancing, which is full of colour, movement and razzamatazz."

Jumbo Jumbo

Val says: “A game in an amusement arcade on Hastings seafront sparked my imagination. Nobody ever seemed able to capture a toy. Perhaps the animals were conspiring to make sure none of them was ever caught in the pincers!”


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Image by Bianca Ackermann